The French Navy

The Étoile and the Belle Poule 

These schooners were built in 1932 for cod fishing. These sister ships can only be distinguished by the colour of their masts which are darker in the case of the Belle Poule. In 2009, they took part in the Tall Ships’ Race and crossed the Atlantic Ocean, taking young students on board at every stop. They also took part in a grand parade under the Statue of Liberty.

THE Mutin

The Mutin is the French Navy’s oldest operational floating unit. This dundee was built in 1926 based on the design of tuna fishing sailboats. It is a 33 m cutter and is used for training and representation purposes.

THE Grande Hermine

The Grande Hermine is a fore-and-aft rigged yawl that first set sail in 1932. It sailed the Mediterranean Sea for a long time before being bought by the French Navy for use as a training ship.