A never-ending procession of boats

During the festival, boats come and go every day and all day long, taking part in races and parading for the visitors.





Fishing boats and work boats

The old French and foreign fishing or cargo sailboats, either restored or rebuilt, tell the tale of local traditions and trades of long ago.

Their riggings vary as much as their uses :


  • sloops,
  • fore-and-aft rigged cutters and dundees,
  • lugsails,
  • lateen sails 
  • spritsails.


Plaisance classique

Les yachts et voiliers de plaisance classique sont nombreux à faire le déplacement à Brest : voiliers de la jauge internationale, anciens quillards de régates monotypes, de course-croisière R.O.R.C mais aussi séries plus locales et de taille plus modeste comme les Guépards, les Cormorans ou les Belougas.


Take a trip in time back to the Riviera of the 1950s, with its Rocca and Riva runabouts. Visitors will also be able to admire ancien speedboats, collection motorboats and small steam-powered riverboats.

Small traditional pleasure boats

This category brings together all sailboats that bridge the gap between the last local fishing boats and today’s pleasure boats :

  • small fore-and-aft rigged sloops,
  • luggers,
  • ancien centreboarders
  • sailing dinghies.

Gigs and sail-and-oar boats

The tallest of these fishing and service boats, for which a team of rowers is needed, have lugsails :

  • Bantry bay gigs (12 m, 12 rowers, replicas of a 1796 frigate’s longboat),
  • whaleboats,
  • Basque traineras, etc.

Other sail-and-oar boats

Luggers and small flat-bottomed sailboats also make use of oars as do traditional kayaks, also present at the festival.

Exotic boats

Primitive and ancestral small boats from faraway seas and tropical countries bring colour and exoticism to the festival :

  • Asian junks and basket boats,
  • outrigger canoes from the West Indies or Polynesia,
  • Brazilian jangadas,
  • Australian couta boats,
  • Indonesian sandecqs, etc.

Adventure sailboats

Ocean cruising sailboats that have sailed around the world, been on epic journeys and marked the history of sailing, also take part in the maritime festival.

Ocean racing sailboats

From the Pen Duick yachts to today’s giant multihulls, these boats tell the story of transoceanic races.

Boats of today’s marine industries


  • Fishing boats : crab fishing boats, trawlers, line vessels
  • Vessels of government authorities in charge of sea-related issues: the Abeille Bourbon ocean going tug and SNSM (French Sea Rescue association) boats.
  • Merchant ships and cargo ships
  • Research vessels