Other places to visit

Océanopolis: diving into the mysteries of the marine world

Océanopolis is an ocean discovery park with 68 aquariums totalling 4 million litres of seawater and 10,000 animals.

Océanopolis is located near the roadstead of Brest and takes its visitors, young and old, on a journey into the heart of the marine world and its ecosystems. Since its opening in 1990,

Océanopolis has welcomed over 10 million visitors, which means an average of 400,000 to 500,000 visitors every year. Océanopolis is Brittany’s most visited fee-paying site.






The castle’s museum: Mansion of the Gods?

Brest’s castle offers a splendid view of the roadstead and the Penfeld River. It houses the naval museum and takes visitors on a journey through the city’s entire history, from the Wars of Religion to the German occupation.

It is one of the few monuments in Brest that was spared by the bombings. The naval academy’s sculpture gallery is also a must-see with its huge statues that represent the gods of war and the sea: Neptune, Amphitrite, Mars, Minerva...