Conquering the sea

Four-masted barques, three-masted barques, full-rigged ships, brigs, three-masted schooners, barquentines, ketches... Tall ships are at least 40 m long. Around thirty units from various categories come to Brest for each edition of the festival: prestigious sail training ships, great coasters of long ago now used for cruises, new sailboats boasting traditional shapes and riggings, and historical replicas (such as the Recouvrance, Brest’s floating ambassador, and the Hermione, an exact replica of La Fayette’s ship) built based on scientific and archaeological research. 



The French Navy’s vessels

For the first time in the history of Brest’s maritime festival, the French Navy is giving visitors access to the Monge. This ship is a 225 m test and measurement vessel and reconnaissance ship. Its main role is to observe the flight tests of ballistic and tactical missiles. The Monge is also involved in the national space surveillance network. Its radars are among the most powerful in Europe and provide for accurately measuring the trajectories of objects orbiting Earth.