The villages


Russia, a great maritime nation

Russia’s coast runs along the Arctic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, as well as along the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. The country boasts a great maritime history. During the 12th century, Prince Igor travelled to Constantinople in two small boats (a ladia and a tcheln). The first Russian three-master set sail in 1636 under Michael I of Russia. Tsar Peter the Great created the imperial navy around 1703 and founded the city of Saint-Petersburg where he headquartered his navy staff and ordered the building of his fleet’s first frigates. In the 1950s, the Soviet Navy was the world’s second largest maritime military power. Modern-day Russia carries on this tradition with its navy, its top-level ocean research, its famous naval academies and a growing interest for its maritime heritage. 



Land & Sea: all of Brittany’s know-how

At the Land & Sea village, farmers and fishermen come together to proudly share their Breton know-how with the visitors: seafood products, meat products, fruits and vegetables... not to mention Plougastel’s strawberries, Roscoff’s pink onions and Cornouaille cider.

Tastings are always on the menu, cooking demonstrations by renowned chefs are scheduled daily and the stage is dedicated to Breton music



The scientific port: learning about the ocean


Brest is the European capital of marine science. The maritime festival provides the city’s sea-related scientific institutions and industries with a platform for presenting their research projects to the general public. Discover research vessels and learn more about hot topics such as climate change, marine biodiversity and marine renewable energy from researchers who work at Océanopolis, Ifremer and the Paul-Émile Victor institute. 


From Oceania to the islands of the Iroise Sea

Oceania is a vast region that brings together territories of the Pacific Ocean including Polynesia and New Caledonia. The islands of the Iroise Sea (Ushant Island, Sein Island and the Molene Archipelago) are located off the coast of Brest in the wondrous environment of the first Marine Nature Park. Through various exhibitions and activities, visitors discover foreign maritime customs as well as Brittany’s maritime history and culture. They can also learn about Finistère’s economy.